What Ford vs. Ferrari Teaches us About Marriage

web_posterSteve and I saw “Ford vs. Ferrari” a couple of weeks ago and, wow . . . what a great film! Matt Damon plays Carroll Shelby, an American car designer, and Christian Bale plays famous race car driver, Ken Miles. These two actors are in my top 10 when it comes to their acting caliber, so this movie was a must see!

I will do my best to leave out spoilers, but I want to unpack a bit of the rich relationship facets that were displayed in the midst of this wonderful film. Although the two main characters were good friends and not in a marriage relationship, their friendship (and what they endured during the film) can easily be compared to the challenges we face in marriage. Here are some great nuggets to remember as you treasure your spouse and your marriage:

  • There are always enemies at the gate. During this movie there seemed to be constant obstacles and challenges facing the relationship between Shelby and Miles. They had to make choices on several occasions – they had to choose their relationship or choose to do whatever was being forced upon them at the time. These decisions were difficult, but the “good” stuff seemed to always come when the relationship was chosen above what others were forcing upon them. We, too, face decisions daily when it comes to choosing our spouse and our marriage over other things. When we choose our spouse and our marriage, good stuff comes from it.
  • We are stronger together. Challenges happen, as they did over and over in this film. I was impressed with the writing and acting as I journeyed with these characters through the challenges and onto an even stronger friendship. Challenges strengthen those who endure the challenge together. When our marriages are challenged and we walk through those challenges together, great strength is the outcome. Have you ever thought, “if we can endure _______, we can endure anything!” It’s true. Stand firm, and stand together!
  • Trust one another. I will be careful here not to share a spoiler, but this scene was so moving. At one point Shelby shared with Miles that he was being told to do something that would not end well for him if he did it. It left Miles with a choice to make – follow orders or don’t. Shelby looked him square in the face and left it up to Miles knowing he would make the best choice. And he meant that – even if Miles had made the opposite choice that was being requested of him, Shelby would have stood by him. That’s what you do when you’re committed to a relationship – you trust and you stand by your partner. As hard as that can be at times, it is important to show your spouse that you respect them and their decisions.

I could probably go on and on, but I’ll stop there. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should. It’s funny, emotional, inspiring, exciting, and more.


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