A Safe Valentine’s Day

The other day my husband and I went for a walk. Sadly, it was my first bit of real exercise in months due to one illness after another (horrible cold/flu season!). Over the holidays I had not only become a couch potato, but I also put on a few pounds and was feeling it as my 5’3″ stubby legs tried to keep up with my 6′ tall husband as we walked around our neighborhood. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t heave a lung based on my labored breaths and wheezing voice.

On this walk I opened up to my husband and shared how disappointed I was in the weight I had gained and the fact that I had stopped running. I prefaced this information with the statement, “Honey, you don’t need to fix this or comment on this, but I just need to get something off of my chest.” I hoped he would just listen and keep walking, but no. Of course he had to say, “Yea, you looked really hot last summer.”

Okay, so I could have taken that as a complement because it really was. Or, I could run it through my icky filter and hear him say, instead, “You were hot last summer, but you’re fat now.” Yea, you guessed it . . . I chose option #2 and almost cried. He then became confused and an argument began over what he was trying to say and what I heard him say. It was so silly, and yet it happens all the time.

Saturday is Valentine’s Day and there is a high probability that you and your honey bunny may be heading out on a date and there may even be some mushy words exchanged. There is also a decent chance that you may have a filter like mine and you could hear something from your spouse that they weren’t really trying to say. If so, I found a great article/author/free e-book that you may enjoy.

Ashleigh Slater contributes articles about marriage and parenting and her writing is fun and straight forward. Here is a great article she wrote for the Huffington Post that addresses the exact same issue I bring up in this article so check it out!

I wish you all a loving and kind (and safe!) Valentine’s Day! May your words be heard correctly and your ears hear the true intent 🙂


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