Online Book Study Session 6 (Chapters 21-23)

Well, the book has been wrapped up! How did you like it? I’d love your feedback on the book and on the online study experience so please feel free to comment on this post with your feedback!

The last chapter of this book is telling, isn’t it? This chapter is exactly why our church is now committed to offering a marriage ministry and supporting marriages. The  church is the perfect place to do that. My prayer is that you have benefited from this book, the online book study, and conversations with your spouse throughout the process. Keeping healthy communication patterns with your spouse is so important – keep it up!

This blog will remain and I will continue to post whenever I find a great article or good insight on marriage. Feel free to subscribe via email to this blog or just check back in often. My next post is powerful . . . you won’t want to miss it :).

May God continue to bless your marriage!


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