Communication is Key to a Healthy Marriage

downloadYesterday was a very tough day in my home. What began as a seemingly harmless question led to a huge argument, tears, and a very icky Monday all together. After all the junk I began to reflect on what exactly went wrong. How did things go from a friendly welcome at the end of the day to an argument just moments later? I wish I could point to just one thing and swear to never let it happen again. But, it’s not that easy when there are two of us in the conversation – two sets of insinuations, two defensive filters, two bundles of emotions getting in the way, and two lumps of assumptions that cloud every single word. Why? Why the heck do we keep doing this?

Next week we will begin an online book study of the book “Now You’re Speaking My Language” by Dr. Gary Chapman. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this and I hope you are, too. Too many couples fail at communication, and for good reason. When you are in love with someone, spend every day with them, share an intimacy with them that you share with no other, it becomes difficult to communicate without the filters we put between us. For instance, how often has your spouse said something to you that you heard completely different from they intended? Or, have you ever asked a question to your spouse only to have them become defensive and you are left wondering what happened?

This book can truly help with all of these things. My husband and I read this book a month ago and we are still trying to put these tools into practice (and, I guess we are not being completely successful . . . still trying though!). I hope you join us for this book study so that you, too, can reap the benefits of what this book has to offer. There will be a short video of actual couples from WCUMC talking about what they gleaned from the book and a short blog post underneath.  Ideally, you and  your spouse (or significant other) will take the time to discuss the questions at the end of each chapter and reflect on the video and blog post as well. Feel free to join the conversation by posting comments on each post, if you’d like. We are all in this together!

If you have any questions during the next six weeks as we explore “Now You’re Speaking My Language” by Dr. Gary Chapman, please email me!


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