Marriage Ministry 101

This is a new chapter in an old book. Marriage has been around since Adam and Eve, but we have yet to see a large majority of marriages actually succeed “until death do us part.” Who knew that two people who are completely different choosing to live the rest of their lives with each other could be so challenging!

I’ve struggled in my marriage. And, by “struggle” I mean to the point of legal separation just last year. My husband and I have been on a long road full of bumps and, at times, chasms that felt like they divided us by miles. We’ve always struggled to communicate. He’s a INTP on the Myers Briggs and I’m an ENFJ. He’s a computer tech guy by trade and I am a pastor. He’s compulsive when it comes to making sure he finishes everything he starts like a video game, a project at home, etc. I am typically happy as punch to just do something here and there and let it go . . . finished or not. I could go on and on with our differences, but you get the picture. We are very different people.

That is not unlike all marriages, really. We are two people with differences who fall in love with ideals and dreams of this “happily ever after.” The challenge therein lies in the lack of instructions on how we achieve said “happily ever after.” Truthfully, friends, no amount of pre-marital counseling can prepare a couple for the reality of marriage. It’s one of those things we have to experience and, hopefully, grow and learn from.

This blog will partner with the marriage ministry we offer at Williamson’s Chapel UMC in Mooresville, NC to provide helpful blog posts for couples as well as periodic online study opportunities. Our hope is to offer helpful and thoughtful articles for couples so as to enrich their marriages and relationships. Feel free to subscribe and, if interested, offer your services as a guest blogger by emailing me.

In early October we will feature an online book study of the book “Now You’re Speaking My Language” by Dr. Gary Chapman (author of “The Five Love Languages”). This will include short video clips for you to watch together and a discussion guide based on the book. You will do this at your leisure and all committed couples (married or not) are invited to participate.

I look forward to growing with you through this blog. My prayer is that your marriage will be strengthened through this blog, marriage ministry, and your faith in God!

Rev. Monica Humpal



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